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How do you take care of your mental health?

I take care of my mental health in several ways. By Constantly checking in with myself, feelings etc and sharing those thoughts with people close to me. Exercise is also a big one, any kind of movement whether that be the gym, Pilates or dancing on mountains, movement always helps me to reset. 

Why do you think it's important we talk about mental health?

It’s important to talk about mental health because allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone you trust can bring on some of the biggest growth within yourself and allows you to perhaps connect with others who are going through something similar. 

Favourite self care activity?

My fav self care activity would be either second hand book shopping, love spending hours looking through piles of books for a good read or binge watching Harry Potter with snacks for the 101st time. 

Favourite quote, song lyric or mantra?

There’s so many good quotes it’s hard to pick one. But I really like the idea from one of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book that says ‘The happiest moments in our lives are when we are playing just like children, when we are singing and dancing, when we are exploring and creating just for fun’. An idea that can get lost amongst adulthood. 

A message to someone struggling?

A message to someone struggling would be acknowledge the struggle, pause, breath, know that this feeling will pass. Then find someone you trust, a friend, colleague, teacher, family member and share your thoughts, even it just means the other person just listens with no advice given. And if there isn’t anyone around then write, journal your thoughts. By writing down you are unloading all of those thoughts, storing them so you can process what’s happening.  

If you could have 'a moment with' your younger self what would you say to them?

If I could talk to my younger self it would be to tell him to try and embrace everything without judgement. Too often I let myself be small to ‘fit in’, turned down an opportunity or activity because of the fear of what people thought. Be brave, bold, and unique. 

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