A Moment With - Tegan

How do you take care of your mental health?

Keeping myself a priority is key. And making time for what my body and soul need. So Making time for myself to go to the gym, making time for myself to have good nutritious meals, making time for myself to catch up with family/friends, making time to go talk to a counsellor, or making time for me to sometimes do NOTHING! No matter what is is, I know I have to make time for whatever I’m hungry for.

Why do you think it's important we talk about mental health?

The more we talk about it, the less stigma there is around it. I think it’s so important everyone feels safe enough to have fluid conversations with their family and their peers about their mental health, and the only way we can create that safety is by openly talking about it in every space we can.

Favourite self care activity?

The gym! Ever since I learnt to chase the feeling, not the image, the gym (and just moving around in general) has been a massive saviour for me. There’s not a single time I’ve ever regretted going.

Favourite quote, song lyric or mantra?

It is what it is! As simple as that sounds, it’s a constant reminder to only worry about things that are in your control.

A message to someone struggling?

The only way out is THROUGH. Try to feel through whatever motions your mind is feeling. It’s important not to bury, avoid, or gloss over things. Acknowledge the uneasiness. It’s confronting, yes, but worth it in the long run.

If you could have 'a moment with' your younger self what would you say to them?

I would tell myself that my feelings are valid. No matter what they are. And to stop thinking about what other people think and not be so hard on myself! 9 times out of 10, people are worried about their own sh*t. Not yours. So put that energy into yourself and go be GREAT!


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