24 Hour Swim - Jordan Rogers

“Hi there! My name is Jordan Rogers.

I am 19 and from Morrinsville New Zealand. Over the past few years starting pre-Covid, I really started to struggle with my mental health.

Being a competitive swimmer my ability to train really took a hit and it became increasingly difficult to get to the pools and do the training that I needed. My biggest issues were centered around self-harm, which over the past year meant that I wasn’t allowed to swim at all while healing, for the safety of myself and my team mates.

I’m currently in a much better place mentally, which means I am able to be back in the pool and training. This is why from the 20th-21st January 2022 I will be swimming for 24 hours as a fundraiser for Voices of Hope. Because of Voices of Hope, I am able to take on this challenge and give back to the organisation that has helped me so much, so that they can continue to help others.”

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