Inside World - Creating for Mental Health

On the 9th of December, Auckland artist, Madeline Reid, held an art exhibition showcasing her paintings, drawings, and poetry, all with inspiration from her own lived experiences with mental health, “When I’m painting I get to express things in ways that I can’t always find with words alone.

‘Inside World’ showed glimpses of Madeline's personal journey with mental illness. “You can take difficult or negative emotions and turn them into something beautiful. I think that’s incredible, to be able to create something wonderful to share with the world - even if it came from a dark place.” In sharing her pieces, Madeline has truly become a voice of hope and is helping to spread awareness about mental health and to inspire hope. 

Showcasing a variety of works, Madeline has chosen to donate proceeds from pieces sold to Voices of Hope, “To help give back to a community that has given people like me so much.” Each piece shares a different experience. Some express the challenging symptoms, and others express hope. All works show the strength and bravery Madeline has possessed throughout her journey. 

We're immensely grateful to Madeline for choosing to support Voices of Hope through her beautiful art. You can see some of her artworks here, hear part of her story on our social media pages here, and read how art has helped her here.