Walk for Wellness - Kiri

“In February I begin walking the length of our beautiful Country- hiking the incredible Te Araroa, whilst raising funds and awareness for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention.

From an early age, my life was deeply impacted by losing someone very special to Suicide. Shortly after this, I became a mum at 16 years old. What followed was a journey of grief, that was continuous in my life losing many significant people including my partner of 10 years and my Daughters's father.

My life spiraled into self-destructive behaviour with substance abuse having a big part in my life. As someone who has fought and overcome mental illness, I am deeply passionate about what I believe my soul mission is - to help others. Recovery is possible, there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

I am living proof of this. Life can be beautiful, purposeful, and full of hope.

As I walk 3000kms over these months I hope to inspire others to get out in nature, Navigate life one lesson at a time, whilst healing through being physically active. One step at a time ...”