Voices of Hope launch Mental Health Care Packages

In late 2022, Voices of Hope secured funding from the Louisa & Patrick Emmett Murphy Foundation for a special initiative: curated care packs designed to support individuals facing mental illness during challenging times.

Each care pack features two empowering books, "My Journey Starts Here" and "Letters To You," as well as a Messages of Hope box inspired by Voices of Hope's digital app and additional comfort items. These carefully curated packs aim to provide both comfort and practical inspiration throughout the recipient's journey.

To ensure wider reach, individuals were given the opportunity to nominate someone in the Auckland region who would benefit from these care packages. Additionally, we partnered with Starship's Child and Family Unit and Youthline Auckland, distributing a total of 92 care packages.

The feedback received from recipients has been overwhelmingly positive, and we aspire to secure further funding for this project to extend the distribution beyond the Auckland region, reaching even more individuals in need.

  • “Wow, thank you so much. I just received the care package! You have made my year! I am so so so grateful. I absolutely love everything I have received and feel so lucky to have received it. This year has been so tough, so receiving this is such an amazing surprise and has really brightened up my year.”

  • “My VOH Care Package arrived yesterday, thank you so much! It was such a treat to open the box, read the lovely hand-written message and see all the goodies inside. Very uplifting and much needed at this time of year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

  • “Thank you again for this lovely package. I love it. It’s very well thought out and having some cosy items, books/journals and tactile items was great. I truly believe there would be something to brighten up anyone’s day in the package. Keep up the great work”

  • “My package arrived yesterday, thank you so much! The goodies were really well thought out, I especially really liked the fidget gadget and the journals. I will find these really helpful”

  • “I received the package today, I just wanted to say it was perfect! Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed to relax and work on myself over the holidays. Thank you again”