Voices of Hope Lights Up NZ with LUMO & Canva

A new campaign is aiming to spread messages of hope throughout the country to remind people that the world is better with them in it. “Yours Sincerely” is a Voices of Hope project in collaboration with Canva and Lumo Digital Outdoor as part of their Billboards for Good partnership. 

Earlier this month Voices of Hope put out a call online asking their community if they agreed with the “even if you can’t see it right now, there is always hope” message. Voices of Hope quickly gained thousands of comments and likes across the social media platforms with people eager to support the message - many of those names now fill the billboards up and down the country. 

“We know that the work we do at Voices of Hope impacts many and to be able to reach even more people with the support of Lumo and Canva is incredible. We are very grateful for this opportunity and excited to see the impact it has on Kiwis. Mental health is something we all have and we hope these messages remind people that the world is better with them in it” says Genevieve Mora, co-founder and General Manager of Voices of Hope. Canva provided the creative and design support and Lumo provided inventory across LED screens in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga and Hamilton for the project. “We’re excited to partner with Lumo to support some amazing, yet under-resourced, local non-profits by leveraging Canva’s unique design skills to create campaign assets for the Billboards for Good initiative. One of Canva’s guiding values is ‘to be a force for good’ and we hope this is the first of many collaborations to help shine a light on a range of worthy causes and amplify the impacts of nonprofits,” says Robyn King, head of social impact at Canva. 

The “Yours Sincerely” project as part of Billboards for Good is officially live, lighting up Lumo screens across New Zealand with messages of Hope. The pledged names are a signal of strength and solidarity around the country and the messages are designed to help thousands of Kiwis who are fighting the tough fight with mental health.