Claudia Rose - PTSD

Claudia’s Fight: Overcoming Leukemia and Complex PTSD

At Voices of Hope, we're privileged to have the inspirational Claudia joining us for a conversation about her unique journey through acute myeloid leukemia, graft-versus-host disease, and complex PTSD. Claudia's strength and resilience are truly inspiring as she candidly shares about her life, surviving a bone marrow transplant and enduring over 500 surgeries. She doesn't stop there - she enlightens us about the realities of living with anxiety, the trials of trauma, and the intricacies of complex PTSD.

We're drawn further into Claudia's journey as she offers invaluable insights into the role of medication, therapy, and self-understanding in her mental health journey. Her experience with EMDR therapy is especially intriguing, shedding light on how this technique has aided her in managing her trauma. Through our discussion with Claudia, we gain a renewed perspective on mental health and the importance of seeking help when needed.

Claudia's story offers more than just insight - it provides practical tools for managing complex PTSD, underlining the significance of self-compassion. We explore how her pets have contributed to her wellbeing and how she has started her own platform ‘Pawsitive Tales’ where she shares positive and heartwarming tales of animals and their humans. As we wrap up, Claudia leaves us with her encouraging words of hope and resilience, serving as a comforting reminder that we are never alone in our struggles. Join us for this powerhouse of an episode that promises to leave you moved and enlightened.

(0:00:02) - Journey of Resilience and Mental Health
(0:09:03) - School, Mental Health, and Unique Journey
(0:17:58) - Understanding Anxiety, Trauma, and Complex PTSD
(0:27:17) - EMDR Therapy and Complex PTSD Symptoms
(0:32:31) - Understanding and Coping With Complex PTSD
(0:42:36) - Words of Hope and Resilience