Cluster B

Trigger warning: this piece discusses themes of borderline personality disorder, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

cluster b

what do you see?

someone free?

or spread between three?

cluster b 

fear of abandonment

trying to manage it

it was an accident 

here comes the abandonment

cluster b

intense mood swings

breaking things

crying over missing rings

can’t stop the frequent swings

cluster b

chaotic relationships

constantly on battleships

preparing for warships

can’t keep the partnerships

cluster b 


frequent companions willingly

black and white visibility

obvious instability

cluster b

self-harm and injury

completely unworthy

stuck in tornado-like misery

victory with the smallest injury

cluster b

unfulfilling and perpetual emptiness

spending money so precarious

sense of self so curious

ever changed from the emptiness

cluster b

paranoia ideation

clues proving affiliation

persistent information

on stand for litigation

cluster b

constantly changing identities

fickle specialties

unknown necessities

never-ending complexities

so show me,

you say she’s a cluster b,

tell me, what do you see?








-Adrianna Rangel

*Thank you to Adrianna Rangel for allowing us to share this poem. You can see more of her writing and check out her book, ‘Book of Thoughts’ in which this poem appears, here.*

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