Finding Your Passion in the Hard Moments

When life gets difficult, it is so easy to fall off track: I’m talking about how getting up becomes a chore, having three meals a day seems difficult, and doing basic tasks are draining. I’ve been there and I know. And, when those things seem too hard to do, how am I supposed to do the activities I enjoy? Half the time when I am in a bad head space, I’m too tired to enjoy the things I usually do. This becomes a repetitive cycle of, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ and feeling like a failure or like I’ve let people down.

So, how do I find my passion during these moments? How do I make sure I break the, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ cycle? It depends on the situation in all honesty. But I’ve found these tips to be of some help:

  1. Do something new. Maybe the idea of playing the same instrument, painting the same pictures, writing the same material, listening to the same music, or watching the same films doesn’t seem appealing anymore. That’s okay. But maybe you could try learning something new – crochet, sculpt, read a new genre, or play a new game. Sometimes the distraction of learning or doing something different and having to understand this, gets our brains focusing on something new that doesn’t come from muscle memory or familiarity.
  2. Alternatively, do the same things you like doing. If the above doesn’t appeal to you and would make you feel more tired or out-of-routine, try to stick to what you know. Use your muscle memory so that it takes the pressure off from needing a lot of energy or time to do something. Even if you only write/read/listen to/watch something for five minutes – that’s still five minutes. Rely on something familiar to get you through the hard moments.
  3. Usually, I pace my day too. I won’t set a time limit for tasks. If I make my bed at 8am – great! If I make it at 5pm – great! Go at your own pace and meet yourself where you are. You wouldn’t shame a friend for having a hard day and not making their bed until 5pm, would you? You’d ask if they were okay. Treat yourself like a friend.
  4. I tend to find once I do a task, this gives me some motivation to do the next one, so I’ll try and challenge myself and make the tasks seem fun. I’ve recently learned I actually enjoy cooking if I experiment a little with the food I use.
  5. I try to plan ahead: if I pick up as I go each day, or meal prep for several days, on the harder days there will be less to do. Every time I think, ‘I can’t be bothered,’ I remember how future Lauren will feel knowing there is less to do.

Remember, it’s okay to have hard days. It’s okay to lose your drive – I’d say it’s pretty natural for this to happen at least once in your life! But, also remember that you need to treat yourself like a friend and give yourself the same compassion and kindness.


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