Getting Through Christmas

As I’m sure we’re aware another Christmas is rolling around. Just the mention of Christmas makes my heart rate increase.

The financial side of it is hard enough with trying to get the perfect gift for your loved ones, the food and the travel costs. The emotional and mental cost with the pressure of making sure that the Christmas tree looks perfect, having the perfect gift, and getting all those jobs up to date before the holidays. And, not to mention, knowing you have to see those family members you don’t get along with.

It’s all so overwhelming! How is one meant to get everything done on time? How is one meant to attend all those events that come with Christmas? And how does one go to that family Christmas where everyone has such a perfect life, or one has to see that family member, or has to brace themselves for family politics? 

So how do we cope during this time? How do we face everything that Christmas entails? While I’m not a trained mental health professional, I do know the last few Christmases haven’t been easy for me. Here are a few things that helped me get through:

  • Focus on the cheesy heartwarming Christmas movies and pretty lights.
  • Nothing has to be perfect. Food dishes and tables don’t have to look like what you see on Instagram or TikTok. 
  • If you’re anxious, apprehensive or dreading that lunch or dinner with relatives or colleagues, just remember, it’s only a few hours. Take a deep breath, focus on the twinkling lights, the yummy food, the sunshine, the soft grass. If there’s one person you’re comfortable with, stick with them, hang out with them.
  • If you can’t go on holiday, take an evening or weekend and change your environment.

As stressful and hard as Christmas can be, just know you’ve got this. You’ll get through the tight spot. Nothing has to be perfect. Just do your best and that’ll be enough.

Stay strong


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