Love Myself in Every Form

I will love myself in every form,

I will love myself when feeling torn.

When shed bare like winter trees,

I will embrace my loss of leaves.

I will love myself in constant change,

I will love myself in better ways

When spring arrives I will choose

To acknowledge beauty in newness too.

I will love myself no hesitation

I will love myself as a safe haven

When summer sun is beating down

I will unearth the growth all around

I will love myself when times are hard

I will love myself while losing heart

When the autumn winds are gale force

I will welcome the change of course

As seasons come and seasons go

I will learn to trust the ebb and flow

Through sun or wind through rain or storm

I will love myself in every form.


Voices of Hope wants you to know that you do not have to do this alone. Click here to 'find help' - it's not weak to speak!

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