Recovery Wins

No matter how long you've been in recovery (perhaps this week was your first - in which case, GO YOU!!), I'm sure that you can say there has been at least one win. 

When I first heard of 'recovery wins' I thought, "how much have I actually achieved? I've been in recovery for a while but how far have I really come?" Then, I sat at my desk and decided to write down all the things that I've been able to do and have positively changed since being in recovery. It took some time to start, but soon enough, I had managed to fill a whole page.

So, what is a recovery win? It all depends on you and what you want out of your recovery. Maybe this is the first time you've opened up or even reached out, maybe you have eaten or taken a bite of a fear food, maybe you're more aware of your triggers, maybe you're able to find joy in each day, or something else. These are just some examples. There are SO many other wins that you may have accomplished. 

Write down all the wins - no win is too small. If it's something that you have achieved, be proud. Look back on your journey and know that you are here right now, in a space that you might not have ever thought you’d get to - you have made that happen. After writing them all down, step back and be proud of yourself. 

Things can change and get better. Don't give up, because it might feel like nothing has changed, but if you look back, you have come so far. 


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