Slides and Seesaws

Seesaws and slides were so much fun back in my childhood days. Now that I have left those days behind and think about these types of equipment, in retrospect, I realise that they symbolise life. How so?

Imagine bouncing up and down on the seesaw, when you are up, you are laughing with the wind hitting your face and butterflies flying in your stomach as though everything is happy and joyful, life is perfect. But, as you come down, your legs touch the ground and you aren’t flying anymore, this can be compared to the setbacks we have in life.  

Now, it’s time for a slide - you climb the stairs, sit and adjust yourself, hold onto the sidebars, and push yourself to slide down. Again, you experience joy, excitement, and butterflies in your stomach, and you realise it’s over in no time. You don’t stop there, do you? You go back up again. Think about it. It’s like climbing the stairs to reach a goal, a milestone you have set, as you work towards it, you face a kick in the teeth, similar to sliding down. However, you get up and run towards the stairs again, right? 

This is life. There will be setbacks, blows and kicks, there will be butterflies in your stomach, there will be excitement and joy, and there will be impatience and frustration, but there will always be hope! Nobody can stop you as long as you get back up, keep bouncing, and keep climbing the stairs. 


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