Small Acts of Kindness

Trigger warning: this piece discusses themes of bulimia.

You see the world slightly different these days. There is a softness to you where there once were sharp edges, a kindness towards yourself that has been lacking for a lifetime. My, how you have evolved. The parts of you that hurt for so so long are beginning to heal. Forgiveness simmers where the anger once was, pride radiates where there once was shame. You no longer look back and feel the pain you once did. Instead, you wish to hug that girl. Hug her so tightly and tell her it will all be okay, for she is strong, she is fierce, and she is capable! Life itself is a little sharp around the edges, but this is to help mould us and carve us into who we are meant to be!

This year has been an almighty challenge, a challenge only years ago you dreamt of being able to experience. Motherhood has changed you, humbled you and given you purpose! Although mental health struggles have plagued you this year, you have almost survived the first year of twins. What a ride! I almost began this sentence with an “if only” but let’s not.

Bulimia reared its face again this year, something you weren’t expecting or welcoming but as I recently read, a relapse does not set you back to the beginning, for you are stronger, you are wiser, and you will get back on top of things quicker this time. I felt that! You have been so lucky to be surrounded by a small few friends who really care about you, who show you such friendship and kindness that leave an imprint on your heart, forever changed by their beautiful words and actions.

This year has really shown you the difference kindness can make and when you have felt unlovable or like the world is falling apart, they have been there, remember to thank them often and pass on that kindness, you never know the difference one small act can make.

- Amy

Voices of Hope wants you to know that you do not have to do this alone. Click here to ‘find help’ - it’s not weak to speak!

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