Taking a Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping outside your comfort zone is scary. When there’s uncertainty about something, it can make us have a flurry of thoughts and emotions. If you, like me, struggle with anxiety or perfectionism, you probably know what I mean. The very idea of stepping outside your comfort zone might even send shivers down your spine. However, sometimes taking that baby step into a new adventure can be a big positive. 

Recently, I’ve tried doing a lot of new things - which, to be honest, isn’t very like me! I’ve been wanting to try to find something that might bring me joy, be a distraction, or just something to focus on outside of myself for a short moment. I often want to be perfect when I start, but if you’re just starting, of course, you’re not going to be perfect. Whether you want to take up a new hobby, a new adventure, learn something new, or something else, starting something, even if you really want to do it, can be scary. 

In saying all this, it can be empowering to try something new and to challenge ourselves. Whether there’s a type of dance you’ve always wanted to learn, you want to pick up an instrument, or something else, once you’ve tried it, it can be a moment to celebrate. You don’t have to be good at it, but stepping outside of your comfort zone makes it a big achievement in and of itself. 

For me, trying new things has been scary. But one experience comes to mind in which I felt so good afterwards. I felt proud of myself for trying something new, I felt empowered, and I felt happy. I was not great at it, but trying it and challenging myself was worth facing my own fears of the unknown. 

I’m not saying, ‘Go do all the things that scare you,’ but maybe trying something you’ve always wanted to do or trying something outside your comfort zone could have a positive effect. If you enjoy it, that’s great! If not, then now you know that’s something you’re not keen on, but, hey, you still tried it! And that’s a huge achievement that you should be proud of. 


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