What Helps You When You're Feeling Anxious or Overwhelmed? Tips Shared by YOU!

You may remember a post from a little while ago the we asked you, our lovely Voices of Hope community, what helps you when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. All of you shared so many wonderful things that we wanted to share them with you, in hopes that, for those who may be struggling or in need of some more techniques, it helps you. 

What do you do that helps you when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Fresh air, cold water splashed on my face, movement or keeping my mind busy! I love to cook, it makes me feel calm.
  • I distract myself with something that I feel like doing, e.g. sports, gaming, reading, writing, talking to friends.
  • Mediation! 
  • Breathing and looking at the mountains.
  • Eating spicy food.
  • Writing.
  • Going for a walk with the dogs down the beach or across the farm.
  • Sewing, writing, listening to music, walking my dog in the hills
  • Deep breathing, working out, time at the lake.
  • Cuddles with my puppy, singing, dancing, deep breathing.
  • Heading outdoors and going for a walk.
  • Using the 5,4,3,2,1 method is a lifesaver for me.

Share any other tips in the comments!

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