Why do You Fight?


Why do you fight?

Why, when days you're tired, 

Days you feel like you're walking backwards, 

Do you fight? 

Why do you fight?

Why, when some days you can't see any light,

Do you fight?

I fight.

I fight for my family. 

I fight for my friends. 

I fight for my furbabies. 

I fight for my loved ones. 

I fight for her, 

The one who never gave up,

Even if I had. 

She was there through thick and thin and made me who I am.

I fight for her,

The one who came into my life,

And changed it.

I fight for her,

The one who holds unconditional love in her eyes. 

I fight for hope.

I fight for a day when I feel better.

I fight for a day when I don't have to fight myself. 

I fight for my younger self, 

Whose only goal was to survive.

I fight for my present self, 

Who knows hope and love exist and wants to get better.

I fight for my future self, 

Who will know struggle but will continue to know love and hope, 

Who will be able to provide hope to others,

To share love with others. 

Why do you fight?

I fight for me. 


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