Words Have Power

What sort of content do you consume on a daily basis? We are inundated with content of all kinds and from every possible medium. It can be wonderful, entertaining, overwhelming, dreadful, and every possible thing in the range of positive to negative. What we consume has a tremendous effect on us, for better or worse, and whether we realise it or not.

The things we spend our time consuming will work their way through our thoughts and minds, and eventually make their way into our hearts. And the things that are in our hearts, will eventually come out of our mouths. If you want a faith-based view on this, check out Luke 6:45. If you want a generally-based view, check out the world around you; check out your own life. What sort of things do you talk about? What do you say about yourself and others? How do these things reflect what is inside our hearts and core beliefs in life?

I often have feelings of inadequacy, so it’s easy for lies to slip into my thoughts, “You’re worthless,” “You’ll never achieve that goal,” etc. However, it is important to catch those lies before they make their way from my mind to my heart, because if they make their way to my heart, I might actually believe them. In turn, if I start to believe those lies in my heart, then that is what I will speak and put out into the world, “Ugh, I’m so worthless,” “I can’t achieve that goal,” etc. Doing this begins the cycle over again of the lies entering my mind, going to my heart, and out of my mouth (or hands, as it were, for putting words into the world via text on readable platforms).

The good news is, that the more you fill your mind with the truth, it will eventually make its way into your heart, and it will push away the lies. For me, the lie that I am worthless is combated with speaking the truth: I have great value. Even when I don’t believe it in the moment, I say it anyway. If I’m having a particularly tough time, I write down the truth that contradicts the lie on a sticky note, put it on my mirror, and speak it out loud any time I see it. I consume content that reinforces the value I have and continue to fill my mind with the truth of my worth as a human being. With the truth settled in my heart, I find it easier to dismiss the lies as soon as they enter my mind. I also believe in, ‘The Power of Yet.’ For the lie that I cannot achieve a goal, I speak the truth: I cannot achieve that goal - yet. I might not be in a place where I can do certain things, but that doesn’t mean that it will never happen. ‘Yet; can be a very powerful word and an encouragement along the journey.

What do you believe about yourself? Have lies crept their way into your heart? You can believe with all of your heart that grass is purple, but that does not make it true; grass is green, whether you believe it or not. Practice speaking the truth, whether you believe it in the moment or not. Make sticky notes with the truth written on them and put them anywhere and everywhere you will see them every day, and speak the words out loud when you see them (and any time the lie pops in your head). If you’re having trouble knowing what to write on the sticky notes, ask a trusted person or people in your life what they hear you speak about, and for a truth they want you to take hold of in your heart that combats the lie. Consume content that reinforces the truths you need to solidify.  

It may not happen overnight, but in the same way that the lies crept in, so will the truth; and when the truth settles in, allow it to pour out of you in words that will uplift yourself and those you encounter in life. We might not be able to keep lies from crossing our paths, but like cutting away overgrowth on a trail, we can take them down with our sword of truth. Much love to you all.

-Mary Beth

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