You're Doing More Than You Know

Recently, I was talking to someone. They said that something I shared on social media resonated deeply with them. As I was sharing it, I thought it was a good reminder and just something that might bring a smile to someone's feed, however, hearing this made me think.

I loved the quote I shared, but I didn’t think on it a lot. I just thought that, if I liked it, I’m sure someone else will, and that was that. But having someone say to me that it helped them in that moment, it made me realise just how much something so small can help in a big way. In sharing this quote, someone felt heard and seen. Someone felt a little less alone and I think that’s beautiful. 

Whether you think so or not, people see what you share and listen to what you say. You never know how much that might impact someone. Something that, to you, might be a cute little quote or reminder, but to someone else, it could be a glimmer of hope in a moment of darkness. 

Your words hold power. What you put out into the world holds power. I think this is an important reminder because, when you're just plodding along, you might not realise that people are listening and watching, but they're there. You might never know the impact you have on someone, or multiple people, but I promise you, it's bigger than you realise. 

Whatever you say can impact someone’s day. Remember that when you share something online or say something out loud. They may not have the energy or capacity to let you know how much it meant, but I’m telling you, it can make such a difference. 


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