Behind the Jersey

Our Behind the Jersey campaign presents a series of impactful and emotive interviews with a range of New Zealand athletes who share their personal stories for the very first time in a bid to spark conversations and bring awareness to mental health in the sporting world.

Sports people globally, no matter what level, have huge pressure from society to be great. They are expected to rise above, to excel, to work harder, be tougher and always be happy. On the field, off the field – all the time. Society doesn't recognise these people as real people – and that's our problem globally.

This campaign has been produced to continue the global conversation around the importance of mental health awareness in sport. In early 2022, we (Voices of Hope) reached out to over 600 New Zealand sporting individuals; 99% of participants came back with feedback about their personal mental health challenges. The overwhelming response sparked the need for a localised campaign.

17 athletes in total have revealed their personal challenges they face on and off the sports field, in two 60 second videos. Four widely recognised athletes, Niall Williams, Symone Tafuna’i, Tai Wynyard and Izzy Dagg, then feature in depth 40 minute interviews telling their full story.

Thank you for watching & listening to our incredible athletes share such vulnerable parts of themselves for our ‘Behind the Jersey’ Campaign! Their biggest hope is that their stories remind you that you are not alone in your struggles and that it’s not weak to speak!

Below you can find links to support and we really encourage you to access it as needed as.

If you or someone you love is in immediate danger call 111 or you local emergency service.


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As part of this campaign we have created a schools/clubs resource booklet that you can download HERE


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A big thank you to Autex, Withiel and Four Winds, Supernormal, Someday Studios, Ooh Media and MBM for helping make ‘Behind the Jersey’ possible.