Would you like to fundraise for us?

We would be incredibly grateful for your support. To register your fundraising idea or project, simply message us below. Although we may not be able to promote or support your endeavour due to limited resources, we always appreciate any fundraising efforts that help us spread awareness about mental health. 

We have a registered Givealittle that you can easily link to if you are organising your own fundraiser, such as an event, hike, or marathon. You can create your own fundraising page and link it to the Voices of Hope page. If you prefer to fundraise offline, such as by holding a raffle at your workplace or school, please email us, and we will provide you with our direct account details (and donation receipt, if necessary). 

Please keep in mind that our logo and branding are the intellectual property of The Voices of Hope Trust and must not be utilised without permission. Additionally, donating funds to Voices of Hope does not imply endorsement of any product, persons, services, or organisations. 

If you have any questions about fundraising for Voices of Hope, please contact us. Thank you for your continued support in making a difference in mental health awareness and advocacy. Your contributions truly make a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health issues.

Fundraising Guidelines


The Voices of Hope Trust, co-founded by mental health advocates Jazz Thornton and Genevieve Mora, emerged from their personal battles with mental illness. Voices of Hope is a registered charity, and all donations received directly support their work within the community, across the country, and beyond.


Website: www.thevoicesofhope.org

Fundraising: www.givealittle.co.nz/org/voices-of-hope

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thevoicesofhope

Instagram: www.instagram.com/voicesofhope

Contact: contact@thevoicesofhope.org


Fundraising plays a crucial role in supporting Voices of Hope's work in the mental health space, advocating for change, and sharing lived experience stories from diverse backgrounds. Your financial contribution enables us to produce impactful work that reassures individuals they are not alone on their journey. We sincerely appreciate any amount of support.


Voices of Hope appreciates your fundraising efforts, and we request that you register your fundraising idea/project with us. The Voices of Hope logo is intellectual property and should not be used without permission. Donating funds to Voices of Hope does not imply endorsement of any product, person, service, or organisation.


  1. Be Transparent: Provide accurate information about our charity. Maintain openness and transparency in all fundraising activities.
  2. Follow Ethical Practices: Comply with all laws and regulations related to fundraising, ensuring that activities are legal and ethical.
  3. Respectful Representation: Represent our charity respectfully, refraining from negative comments about other organisations and using appropriate language and gestures.
  4. Use Approved Materials: Utilise approved materials provided by Voices of Hope, such as logos, images, and messaging, to maintain consistent representation of our charity.
  5. Provide Guidance: Reach out to us for guidance and support. We are here to assist you and answer any questions.
  6. Acknowledge YOUR Donors: Express gratitude to donors for their contributions 
  7. Keep Records: Maintain accurate records of fundraising activities, including donations received and expenses incurred.

  • Fundraise For Us

At Voices of Hope, we are on a mission to create meaningful change for mental health. As a registered charity, we have been co-founded by mental health advocates Jazz Thornton and Genevieve Mora, and have gained worldwide recognition for the powerful campaigns and videos we've created.

We rely on the generosity of donors like you, and every contribution makes a difference, no matter how small. We are deeply appreciative of your support and invite you to explore our campaigns page to witness the impact of our work firsthand.