Mental Health Awareness Week

Poipoia te ngākau ora - Nurture your wellbeing

"Let's Have a Yarn" is our Mental Health Awareness campaign that encourages people to engage in conversations that truly matter. There is no health without mental health, yet mental health remains stigmatised, and many individuals continue to find it challenging to seek out the help they both need and deserve. This campaign aims to dive deeper into this issue by prompting individuals to ask one another, "How are you, really?" Utilising thought-provoking conversation starters, resources, and bright socks designed to encourage conversations about health, the campaign aims to create space for people to have safe and informed conversations about mental health.

Our goal is to encourage open conversations about mental health, making it easier for individuals to seek the help they need when facing challenges. We highlight the importance of promoting help-seeking behaviours and providing a supportive space for those who may be struggling.

  • Take notice

  • Give

  • Be active

  • Connect

  • Keep learning

Let’s Have a Yarn encourages you take notice of the significance of mental health both within yourself and others. By equipping you with tools to engage in conversations about mental health, our campaign aims to create an environment where people can actively acknowledge their well-being and have those important conversations about this important topic.

The purpose of “buy one, give one" is to promote connections with one another. By offering a pair of socks to a friend, workmate or family member it offers an opportunity to connect on a personal level, sparking conversations that open and normalise conversations around mental health. This act of giving resonates with the broader theme of mental health awareness, creating a ripple effect of connectedness and support within the community. 

Written on the sock are the words “One step at a time”. This phrase carries both the emphasis on being active, and approaching mental health challenges one step at a time. 

Connecting with others is important and can significantly impact our health and overall well-being. By encouraging these connections through acts of giving and conversations, we can create stronger, more supportive communities.

Alongside the 'Conversation Starters,' we've added resources including a variety of educational materials. These materials include support on 'How to have a conversation in a safe and informed manner,' as well as tools and lived experience content. Additionally, we offer information on ways to support friends, family, or oneself, along with suggestions for self-care practices and tools for managing mental health.