Mental Health Awareness Week

18 - 24 SEPTEMBER 2023

Poipoia te ngākau ora - Nurture your wellbeing

  • Take notice

  • Give

  • Be active

  • Connect

  • Keep learning

The campaign prompts businesses to take notice of the significance of mental health both within the workplace. By equipping them with tools to initiate discussions about mental health, the campaign fosters an environment where businesses actively acknowledge their employees' well-being and facilitate open dialogues on this crucial topic.

The purpose of “buy one, give one" is to encourage and foster meaningful connections within the workplace. By offering a pair of socks to a workmate, businesses provide an opportunity for employees to connect on a personal level, initiating conversations that open and normalise conversations around mental health. This act of giving resonates with the broader theme of mental health awareness, creating a ripple effect of connectedness and support throughout the workplace community. 

Written on the sock are the words “One step at a time”. This phrase carries both the emphasis on being active, and approaching mental health challenges one step at a time. 

Participating businesses have the opportunity to connect among themselves and their employees by distributing the socks and conversation starter packs. As employees receive these socks, they can engage with the campaign's mission and message, nurturing a sense of community and a shared purpose that unites them in support of mental health awareness.

Participating businesses gain access to 'Conversation Starter Packs' that include thought-provoking questions, informative resources, and tips, fostering an ongoing learning experience about mental health and promoting open discussions. This process benefits both businesses and employees by enhancing their understanding and communication surrounding mental well-being.